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Everything You Need to Know About Ceiling Fans


We are now right into summer! However, along with the endless happy days of warm sunshine comes a rise in temperature that some may find a little hot to handle. This blog aims to be your definitive guide to choosing, installing and maintaining your ceiling fan, but first a little about why the humble ceiling fan is the best method for home cooling.

The Benefits of a Ceiling Fan - Energy Efficient

ceiling fan against wooden ceiling

Just in case you weren’t aware, the ceiling fan is a far more energy efficient cooling device than air con. The ceiling fan, through a process known as ‘wind chill effect’, can lower the temperature of the room by as much as 7°C. On top of that, a typical ceiling fan runs only 60 watts vs many air conditioning systems that run on roughly 3500 watts of power. Better for the environment and your wallet, as well as a decorative item that complements the home - there is nothing not to love about a good ceiling fan.


Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Fan for You


Now down to the fun part of ceiling fan ownership, choosing a ceiling fan with the qualities and style that’s suited to your home or commercial space. There are many factors that go into purchasing the right ceiling fan but here are a few points to take into consideration:

AC Ceiling Fan Or DC Ceiling Fan?

DC ceiling fans typically use 75% less energy than AC ceiling fans. DC ceiling fans are brushless designed which means they will not get that ticking noise fans always get after a year or 2. With DC ceiling fans using less power means the motor works less hard than AC ceiling fans so they will last longer. DC ceiling fans are also very quiet, virtually no noise. DC ceiling fans come in a much wider range of designs as the blades can be easily manipulated and still maintain performance. 

Fan Size & Height

As a general rule, the smaller the room the smaller the fan. Similarly, for fan height if you have a low ceiling, the fan should be flush mounted to the ceiling, no down rod necessary. Otherwise, for all room’s with a ceiling height greater than 8 ft, follow the above guide.


Choosing for Your Room’s Environment

ceiling fans on porch

If you are choosing an outdoor ceiling fan for a porch, or indoor ceiling fan for a bathroom, you’ll want a fan that is verified for damp or wet environmentsIf you are choosing a ceiling fan for a dark room, you may want to choose one that includes a light in its design. For very hot environments you'll want to purchase an energy efficient fan to help further lower the power bill. If the fan is for a bedroom or study, it may be better to go for a timber blade fan, as the timber is a little quieter than a metal blade fan, and therefore more suited to a quieter environment.

Choosing a Fan for Your Home’s Style

Is your home modern and contemporary in style? A two-blade large industrial sized fan may be your style. Don’t worry about a two blade reducing the cooling effect, the number of blades does not affect the amount of wind effect the fan produces.

If you have a retro-styled house from the 50s or 70s with lots of teak woods and dark tones, a palm leaf ceiling fan in old bronze may be a good option. The darkly toned blades will meld well with the home’s colour scheme. Similarly, if you are going for a Caribbean-themed Copacabana style, the palm blades may add to that effect.

Oasis 52" 1300mm Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan - Old Bronze - Martec Lighting

For a traditional home potentially a simple, white, four-blade fan may suit best. Whereas if your home is opulent and decadent in style with lots of detailed design features, a five-bladed fan with ornate glass ceiling light and delicate patterning may be a better option.

oasis ceiling fan

Hamilton 900mm (36") Ceiling Fan - White - Mercator Lighting

For a wintery, nature-inspired Scandinavian themed home, a Regatta Paddle Blade fan with its natural, oak wood blades works perfectly.

regatta ceiling fan

Regatta 52″ Paddle Blade Ceiling Fan - Polish Metal and Natural 3 Blades - Brilliant Lighting

Cleaning the Ceiling Fan

cleaning a fan

For a quick clean, a rag or feather duster if perfect. If, however, a heavy amount of dust has been accumulated during the winter months, simply spray the inside of a pillowcase with furniture cleaning spray and slip the pillowcase over the fan blade. Then slide the pillow case back off to remove stubborn dust. Just be sure to check the furniture cleaning spray and make sure it won’t damage the finish of the fan.

Maintaining the Ceiling Fan

spinning fan

For Fans with Ceiling Lights

Ceiling fans with lights have many screws holding them in place so once the warmer months begin, it may be best to double check the light screws are fixed, so the fan doesn’t become a safety hazard.

Balancing the Blades

If for whatever reason the blades become wobbly after a time, first check that no screws are loose and all connections are properly aligned. You may also want to check if a blade has been bent by comparing it to a yardstick vertically along the edges. If that's the case, you may be able to gently bend back any misaligned blades. If both of these tricks don’t fix the issue - order a ceiling fan balancing kit to discover the culprit.

We hope these tips and tricks helped with discovering and keeping the perfect ceiling fan for your home or commercial space during the spring and summer months ahead. If you have questions about ceiling fan installation or advice, please contact The Lighting Outlet’s experienced and friendly staff, we're always happy to help.

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