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Model: TE1000-SI - TE TRACK 1 METRE
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- Many track configurations are possible using TE tracks and joiners, a rod for suspending the TE track is also available.
- Track capacity 16amps

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TE1000-SI - (Length: 1060mm) 1 metre
TE2000-SI - (Length: 2060mm) 2 metres
TE-JOIN-SI - Direct track joiner
TE-FEED-SI - can be used for supply connection, centrefeed.
TE-TEE-SI - can be used for supply connection
TE-CORNER-SI - can be used for supply connection
TE-BEND-SI - Adjustable to any position 0°- 180°, universal.
TE-END-SI - LH end feed
TE-ROD-SI - 1 metre suspension rod - can be shortened

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