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How to Use Track Lighting for Commercial or Residential Spaces


Track lighting is the latest lighting installation craze that’s sweeping across trendy cafes, stores and residential homes. Simple, functional and versatile, track lighting can be a discreet, minimalist way to strategically spotlight particular areas or make a high-end, modern statement. In this blog, The Lighting Outlet examines how track lights have been used in commercial and residential settings to maximum effect. Discover how to use track lighting subtly to highlight a piece of art, or, loudly light up an entire room.  

Circular Track Lighting

circular commercial track lights

The beauty of track lighting is you can arrange the lights into any configuration or shape you prefer, provided you purchase the right track layout. If you want to light up an entire room or spotlight a large area in a ‘halo’ effect, many suppliers recommend purchasing a circular or a square track. Instances where you would use circular track lighting include overhead a kitchen island or, when considering commercial premises, overhead a central area of the store, e.g. a popular discount stand. You can see in the picture below from suppliers, LED World, they’ve used a square track configuration to focus attention on the display stand of the popular Paddington store ‘Save My Bag’. The lights showcase the entire front end of the store.

Straight Track Lights

straight commercial track lights

Long, standard straight tracks are typically used to create a gallery effect, as the length of the track works perfectly to highlight wall items, such as frames. That’s why you usually find long track lights illuminating household hallways and commercial art galleries. You can see in the picture below, LED World has used two rows of minimal white track lights pointing in opposite directions to highlight the framed photography featured on the walls of the Craig Parry Studio in Byron Bay. Other instances where a single or double row of track lights might be used include strung across a bedroom or living room as a minimalist lighting statement. The use of straight track in this instance would usually be paired with significant natural light from an accompanying window, as the track lighting will work to spotlight certain areas of a room, but often requires extra light.

Decorative Track Lights

decorative track lights


Decorative track lights are best used in areas with low hanging ceilings that won’t accommodate a dangling pendant light or chandelier, but still require some kind of statement. Decorative track heads do exist! Lumos Lighting have a range of decorative track heads that come in colours such as yellow gold, brass, as well as standard black and white. Place a track head with a decorative colour or design to add an accent to a room. This curved, statement piece of track lighting, for example, makes a great design statement.

We recommend choosing track head colours in black or silver, especially in an all-white room, to create an industrial, minimalist look. If you want to complement a warm-toned, burnished, and cozy room, use bronze, gold or brass track heads. If you want the space to appear light, spacious and airy, use matte, white lights, especially if you have white walls. Track lighting allows significant room for creative expression with your lighting and can really help bring out the accent colours of your room, see below for example.

white commercial track lighting

A Row of Track Lights

Lastly, use a single row of track lights above an area, to spotlight. LED World shows you how to do this using rows of matte, white track lighting to highlight the storefront mannequins featured at Hijab House.

commercial single row of track lights

Similarly, within a residential home, track lights overhead a sofa area of a living room creates a comfortable reading nook.

residential-home-track lighting

If you like the look of any of these track lighting ideas for your residential or commercial space, The Lighting Outlet specialises in installing track lighting and can provide a free consultation. Contact us today. We'll do our best to help with your track lighting needs. 

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