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The Lighting Outlet's Blog

  • How Do You Choose The Right Light Globe?

    How Do You Choose The Right Light Globe? There are many factors to consider when selecting which globe to purchase to suit the application. First of all always choose LED globes, you will save on upto 90% on electricity and will last typically 50 times longer than halogen not only do you get these benefits but they instantly start, have...

  • How To Choose The Right LED Downlight

    Downlights are one of the most common lighting fixtures you will see in any modern home. They’re extremely popular because they provide warm general lighting that’s unobtrusive compared to a traditional light fixture. However, there are lots of considerations when shopping for the perfect downlight...

  • The Complete Expert Buyers Guide to LED Strip Lights

    We love LED strip lights, as they're so versatile with unlimited designs and applications. You are able to let your imagination go free and create your dream space. In this blog, we will go through how to choose the best LED strip lights for your application, as they're are many options to chose from. One of the best things about shopping for...

  • The Best LED Dimmers To Buy

    How to choose a quality dimmer? There a few things to look at before simply buying any dimmer. Manufacturer - If you stick with the same brand dimmer as the brand light, you are sure to know it has been tested on this product and will be compatible. Quality - Always buy quality dimmers from established brands. Do not buy from cheap online...

  • 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater Review - Our Best 3 in 1 Bathroom Heaters

    Everything you need to know before purchasing a 3 in 1 bathroom heater. We even list some of favourite models for 2023.

  • The Lighting Outlet NZ's Top 10 Downlights

    In this blog we review some of our best downlights and go into detail about why you should and shouldn't buy them. We will be looking at some of our best value led downlights, comparing their specs, price, the brand and overall quality, tailored to New Zealand customers. We will also touch on some of the best premium downlights (if you're...

  • Best Ceiling Fans New Zealand - 2023 Review

    This ceiling fan reviews blog has hand picked by our experts for our New Zealand customers. We've updated our article with some of the best ceiling fans NZ has seen (and yet to see) this summer season. Not only will you find some of our top 5 ceiling fans for nz but we also go into detail about some of our...

  • Brand Spotlight: Havit Lighting

    This month we are excited to feature one of the top manufacturers in Australia, and also one of our premium brands, Havit Lighting. Havit Lighting are known for their extremely proficient quality. This can be seen in their clean-cut, silky packaging, all the way to their professional and personal service. However, it is the quality of their products that hold...

  • How to Decorate With LED Strip Lighting

    Want to decorate your home with LED strip lights? LED strip light technology has been around for decades now. What used to be for holiday decoration has found its place in our personal spaces at home. Not only does it come in different varieties, but it also has some unique uses. From your outdoor spaces to anywhere in your home,...

  • Warm White Vs Cool White Lighting

    Choosing the most suitable colour temperature for lighting is crucial. The colour temperature of your lights can help create the perfect atmosphere or mood for your desired area, whether it’s your home, office, or store. This blog will explore the differences between the colour temperatures, the impact they can have on a room or area, as well as suggested applications...

  • The Ultimate Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

    The first fans kept the sultans of 17th century India cool. These hand operated fans were made of palm fronds or cloth and operated by servants. It wasn’t until 1886 when the first motor operated fans were invented. These days, homeowners have countless options from the size to the build material to the features included. It’s almost overwhelming if you...

  • How to Position Pendants Perfectly

    How to position pendants perfectly - A user friendly guide on pendant positioning for all you renovators out there!

  • What is IP Rating?

    IP CHART An IP (Ingress Protection) Chart is an international protection rating chart that informs us how resistant a product is to solids and liquids.The First digit is the indication for the protection rating a product has against solids. This ranges from protection level 1 - 6 and indicates from 50mm solid penetration to dust particle penetration.The Second digit indicates...

  • DC vs AC Ceiling Fans: Which One Is Best?

    You wake up drenched on a hot summer's night. Your old ceiling fan has gone kaput, and now, you feel like you're living through a midsummer night's nightmare........

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