12V Halogen Magnetic Weatherproof Transformer IP44 Superlux Lighting GV-T

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Wattage: GV-T60 - 60 Watts
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- 12V AC inductive Halogen Magnetic Weatherproof Transformer
- IP44
- Dimmable
- Premium quality
- Magnetic Inductive
- Suits feed to 12v garden cable SPT-3-15 or SPT-3-30

Specification and Dimension for 60 Watts(GV-T60)
- 65mm x 75mm x 87mm 5amps

Specification and Dimension for 105 Watts(GV-T105)
- 70mm x 78mm x 137mm 8.7amps

Specification and Dimension for 150 Watts(GV-T150)
- 90mm x 90mmx 147mm 12.5amps

Specification and Dimension for 200 Watts(GV-T200)
- 90mm x 100mm x 155mm 16.7 amps

Technical Data:
- Double Insulated
- Operates within AS-NZ EMC limits
- 230-240 Volt
- AS-NZ Approved
- Extra Low Voltage 12 Volt

Model No.:
- GV-T60 - 60 Watts
- GV-T105 - 105 Watts
- GV-T150 - 150 Watts
- GV-T200 - 200 Watts

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