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Brand Spotlight: Havit Lighting


This month we are excited to feature one of the top manufacturers in Australia, and also one of our premium brands, Havit Lighting.

Havit Lighting are known for their extremely proficient quality. This can be seen in their clean-cut, silky packaging, all the way to their professional and personal service. However, it is the quality of their products that hold their reputation where it is. From the perfect paint finish, to functionality; Havit Lighting have never delivered anything but pure quality in their time of just over 10 years.

It has been our experience, time after time, to have customers come into the store requesting to purchase Havit products. This is almost always a result from either their landscaper, architect, electrician or lighting designer recommending Havit Lighting, as they have the best reputation for quality lights at value prices. And when an architect recommends a product you know it must be of a high quality, as it is their name and company also on the line.

Your Havit products will be sure to transform any space into an architectural mood, all while remaining at their affordable prices.


Here are our favourite Havit Lighting products and why.

1. Havit LED Strip Lights 

Havit Lighting have over 100 different LED strip lights and profile models, putting them in the lead for LED strip lighting in Australia. They are able to cater for every and any application, from small under cupboard strip lighting, to entire high rise apartments. It is crucial to be aware of quality products compared to cheaper makes. For a cheaper LED strip will burn out in the middle of a run, leaving you with LED chips not alight, ruining the display. And as they can not be replaced, purchasing high quality LED strip lights is incredibly important, especially if you are wanting your strip lights to last the distance. Havit Lighting offer full custom jobs, doing the hard work for you. Their experts will decipher what components you will and won't need for your job. 

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2. Pointe HV1421 - Matt Black LED Garden Spike Light.

The aluminium matt black LED spike light by Havit Lighting has a beautiful timeless design, and is our all time favourite spike. This fitting has a nice, wide beam angle of 120 degrees due to the globe sitting closer to the front of the fitting. Complemented with a free 5w LED globe, you have the choice of either a soft warm white, or bright cool white, which is replaceable. Unlike your regular spike light, it is double the length, providing great height to your lighting design. Not only does the HV1421 swivel at 270°, but it has an IP rating of IP65, meaning no dust or water will be able to penetrate this fitting. The high quality, matt black paint finish has lasted our customers in the East of Sydney over 8 years and am sure many more to come. You can purchase this spike light on sale today on the link below.

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3. Nella HV5803W-BLK - Surface Mounted LED Downlight.

This downlight not only offers great performance, but gives a great modern architectural look. It is guaranteed to be a feature that visitors are sure to comment on for its sleek appearance and design. This light source is recessed at the back of the fitting with a frosted face, allowing very little glare to produce from the light output. It is very handy for concrete ceilings, as well as convenient for avoid cutting holes in your roof, which may be difficult to replace with the same size later on. These LED downlights can also be purchased with an extension so that you can double the height and give more of a statement. The Nella LED downlight comes in black and white, as well as 3 different sizes (7w, 12w & 18w) so you can have the perfect size throughout each room of your home. They are also dimmable, so you don't have to worry about overkill, for with a dimmer you can choose the perfect brightness and mood.

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4. Array HV3726C, HV3728C, HV3729C - Outdoor LED Floodlight.

The Array floodlight by Havit Lighting has an incredibly smooth and sleek design, making them stand out against the typical bulky, unappealing flood lightThe Array's slim-line look, along with its full glass face and high quality finish bracket will be sure to add a subtle touch to any outdoor area. This LED floodlight comes in a crisp 4000k colour temperature that, along with its wide beam angle of 180 degrees, will light up your backyard with a soft cool white colour.

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5. Highlite HV1602W-SS316 - Outdoor LED bollard light.

The Highlight bollard by Havit Lighting is both practical and modern in design, exuding a high end look. This bollard has a perspex reflector with a metal top, allowing the light to shine outwards in all directions, making this a practical product for any outdoor space. This LED bollard has been very successful for The Lighting Outlet over the years, as we still continue to sell them regularly; and with its timeless design we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. This light is regularly recommended to our clients from architects due to its proficient performance and clean-cut look. The LED Highlite bollard also has an option to add extensions, allowing you to alter its height to your lighting needs. This fitting comes in aluminium matt black, aluminium titanium and 316 marine grade stainless steel, perfect for any lighting design.

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6. Luta HV1825W - LED Inground Outdoor Light.

Havit Lighting have over 30 products of LED in-ground lights to choose from, and deciding to choose which one comes down to your space and lighting purpose. Their wide range covers anything from small driveways, up to large commercial buildings, and along with their extensive range of  wattages, beam angles, finishes and colours, you are sure to have your dream space brought to life. We have chosen the Luta LED inground as our feature product, due to its practicality in having an interchangeable globe, as well as being one of the most appealing in-ground's. This is a result from its smooth and sleek finish, standing out from the typical in-ground design of clunky screws and bolts. The light inside the Luta LED is adjustable, allowing you to highlight your desired feature. Its finish is a 316 marine grade, so be sure to know that, if maintained properly, this light will last you over 20 years. Not only that, but as the globe is interchangeable its life capacity is further prolonged. Hence making this in-ground light a practical, efficient and durable light to choose, along with its sleek architectural design.




7. Flame HV2826W, HV2826C, HV2826RGB Outdoor DIY LED Decklight Kit.

This LED decklight by Havit is one of our best selling decklights to date, a result of it’s quality and easy application. The Flame is fully DIY, allowing anyone to install it at home, all that is needed is a hole saw and away you go. Simply plug in the driver, and the lights will daisy chain from each other. Plenty of cable is included with this product, unlike competitors that will make you source your own. It has an IP rating of 67, so no water or dust will be able to penetrate, further prolonging its longevity. The Flame LED deck-light comes with a 316 marine grade stainless steel face, that, if maintained, will last you over 20 years. The Flame outdoor deck-light is available in a warm white, cool white and an RGB option, which has a remote with varying functions. LED deck lighting is a very underrated way to light up an outdoor area, but when done right can create the right ambience and mood. So make sure to do some research and have a look around at other peoples projects, and grab yourself the highest quality DIY kit on the market today!

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8. Taper - LED Wall Wedge Outdoor Light.

This exterior wall wedge by Havit Lighting is one of their original, timeless designs that customers cannot seem to get enough of. This product has been a best seller for The Lighting Outlet, selling it almost daily. The Taper LED wall light is regularly recommended by landscapers and architects due to the simplistic design and light output. This wall wedge light comes in a range of variations, available in 3 different sizes and 4 different finishes of matt black, matt white, copper and 316 marine grade stainless steel.This light is sure to suit any outdoor area, for you are able to select the perfect size and colour to match each exterior space it’s installed on. The Taper LED wall wedge comes with interchangeable globes, extending its already length life span. 

Click here to view more on the Taper LED Wall Wedge Light


9. Lisse - LED Outdoor Wall Light.

The Lisse by Havit Lighting is one of their latest editions and has done extremely well in the short time it has been out. This is due to not only its modern and slimline design, but also its strong light output, washing the wall elegantly. The Lisse comes in two different sizes, and two different colours of matt white and black. Not only that but you have the option to choose an up/down light, as well as a fixed light illuminating downwards. The Lisse LED wall light is a sleek, timeless design that can be used right throughout your exteriors.  This product is sure to be one that The Lighting Outlet will turn to when customers are in search for something different to the standard cylinder look seen on every second home.

Click here to view more in the Lisse LED Wall Light 



10. Reces - Interior and Exterior LED Step Lights.

The Reces range by Havit Lighting is again another product which has an innovative, modern and architectural design that also has a highly efficient performance rate. This LED steplight can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas. It comes in a two different sizes with a square or round model, as well as three finishes of matt black, white and 316 marine grade stainless steel. Majority of LED step lights on the market today pride themselves on practicality, neglecting the design and look of the product. However, with these step lights you get both the practicality and sleek design. Havit Lighting make sure each product goes through strict quality control, so be sure to know that this fitting will last you the distance.

Click here to view more on the Reces LED Steplights


These are The Lighting Outlets top 10 favourite Havit Lighting products, however we could easily mention another 20 that are equal in quality. Leading the lighting league in design, price, materials and quality, they are automatically placed in front of competitors. However, what truly puts Havit Lighting above the rest is their extremely proficient service. They are always there ready to assist with any issues or general questions we have. So make sure that with your next purchase you go straight to Havit, as you will be investing in a sleek, architectural designed light that will last the test of time. For the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for!", something we constantly hear in the lighting industry, and is incredibly applicable with Havit Lighting. 

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