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The Lighting Outlets Top 10 Downlights 2020


The Lighting Outlets Top 10 Downlights

In this blog, we will go over our best downlights and explain why. We will be looking at overall value, performance and design. We will have 2 separate top 5 lists. One for the best value LED downlights and one for our high-end downlights.

When purchasing LED downlights people underestimate how they can change their space to create such mood and ambience. Cheaper lights can do the job, however with the amount of glare that is produced it can strain your eyes and even flood the room with light, creating in result, no mood. 

We highly recommend our customers choose a low glare downlight with the light source recessed in the fitting. This will produce an anti-glare light output. Some downlights have the light source so far back into the fitting that it can be hard to see the light, even when standing right underneath of it. This design will output an impressive pool of light around the area. Having small pools of light will create a greater mood than having an area flooded with light. 


The next big selling point is to have lighting with a high CRI. This will allow all objects lit to expose their true colours and not dull colours. Most of ours will have a CRI of 75, whilst higher quality lights will be 85+. Below is a diagram illustrating how CRI works. 

LED Downlights CRI Example

The Lighting Outlets Top 5 Value Downlights
When buying downlights you need to consider how much you will use them, is this your long term dream home? or is it a rental or are you planning on moving soon? If not long term then the below downlights will work out fine, if you plan on long term make the extra investment and buy a higher quality downlight which will increase the ambience in the rooms, showcase your home and also last the distance you will be glad you made the investment.

1. Optica Downlight MD490W/SW by Mercator Lighting.

The Mercator Optica Trio; our latest downlight from Mercator is next level in price, performance and quality. All the downlights in this price range are made up now only plastic but with the Optica it is a full-body aluminium. The Optica not only performs well but looks neat in its design and style. It is available in white, polished silver and matt black with a slightly recessed face, lowering the glare level, which I strongly urge customers to get rather than the flush face. The Optica also comes with the switch on the back to flick through warm, cool and daylight all in one. Again a great feature for a change in mind or perhaps a want to change the mood later on in your home. The Optica is fully dimmable and has a IP44 so you can install in just about all applications. The Optica 10w CCT LED Downlight by Mercator is the best on the market by far for the quality. The Optica includes a 5 year commercial warranty, this means you can have it run continuously 24/7 and it will still last the distance, plastic downlights will simply burn out under this test. I cannot recommend the Optica enough for this price range as nothing is even close to it. 

Optica LED Downlight Mercator

2. Polly HV5522T-WHT by Havit Lighting

Havit is the latest company to hit the market hard with a value for money LED downlight. With this downlight you straight away notice the nice exterior finish, it's very silky and much better looking to it's competitors. Finishes this good are more so in the $25 - $40 range. The body like the Domus Bliss has the advanced thermal technology to help run this downlight at a very cool temperature, next to no heat at all when you feel the back when turned on, this is vital for long-lasting lights. The Polly downlight has the perfect amount of recess on the face as some other brands try to be in the middle of a flush face and recess face. Do yourself a favour and purchase the recessed look to reduce glare. The HV5522T come in white or black and has the tricolour switch on the back to select the perfect light output temperature. Havit lighting is predominantly a middle to upper market brand who does not compromise on quality but it looks like they are after a piece of the lower end market which would be 80% of LED downlight sales today. With any light you buy you want to buy from a good brand and it doesn't get any better then Havit.
Havit Downlight Review

3. Domus Boost & Bliss by Domus Lighting.

These have been very good to The Lighting Outlet over the past year, due to its perfect balance of value and looks. The bliss and boost perform well, but also importantly, last the distance. They are our most requested downlights by electricians, further highlighting their efficiency. Electricians will not choose a light they estimate will need to be replaced in a year or so. Their name and company is on the line, and with their full support of the Bliss & Boost, you know you cannot go wrong.  A great feature with this downlight is the colour changing LED switch on the back of the fitting, allowing you to change from warm white 3000k, cool white 4000k and daylight at 5500k. They are fully dimmable and are backed with a 3 year warranty, with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. When buying LED downlights, we recommend buying high quality brands, and Domus is certainly that. We recommend choosing the boost model to our customers for they give off less glare and yet still throw a wide angle of 90 degrees. The bliss and boost downlight are very efficient at only 10w, all while outputting a great 800 lumens, which is around double the old 20w halogen downlights.


LED Downlight Domus Bliss Or Boost


4. S9041 TC by SAL Sunny Lighting

This downlight is slightly higher in costs at around the $20 mark because SAL haven't jeopardised the quality by looking at cheaper costs like moving to plastic etc, SAL recognised they had a great downlight and decided to leave it as is, I wish more lighting companies thought like this, nearly all will move to cheaper factories or materials. The S9041 I literally get no returns, our electricians swear by it as they know they will get no headaches once the job is completed. This downlight as all the options as you would expect IP44 suited for wet areas, temperature colour changing switch on the downlight and has a aluminium body which acts as a heat sink and always last much longer then a plastic downlights.


S9401 TC Downlight Review

5. Blitz & Titan by Martec.

It is very hard to choose which LED downlight to buy these days with such an extensive range on the market. However, The Lighting Outlet can confidently say Blitz and Titan are one of our best to date, as they have the highest lumen output for a $15 – $20 price range. Whilst majority of companies compromise, offering less wattage for the same price, the Blitz and Titan offer value for brightness. Some other great features include their colour changing temperature switch (located on the back), great for entertaining or matching newly painted lounge room walls. They are also fully polycarbonate, meaning you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. Finally, these downlights life expectancy is over 50,000, equivalent to over 10 years, while also being able to fully dim down to 10%. Overall, a great, bright LED downlight unit with a very low failure rate.


LED Downlight Titan And Blitz  


The Lighting Outlets Top 5 High End Downlights.

1. XDK10 Trimless LED 10w Downlight by Trend Lighting.

Trend lighting are going to be heavily featured in this list because they are in a league of their own. Their are competitors to trend who have similar qualities but as companies are run so poorly so we choose not to sell them as they let our customers down continually, trend lighting however have unbelievable products but it's also matched with the before and after sales service, if there is any issue at all with there lights they will rectify immediately. Our customer simply love their investment on trend downlights. This downlight in particular is well and truly the best looking downlight that has come across my table. When installed the trimless design makes it look like you don't even have downlights installed unless you are standing directly under it. As for the performance it blows everything out of the park, a Japanese COB LED chip is used for the light output and the lumen output is around 1400 at only 10w, a typically 13w downlight only puts out around 1000 lumens this makes around 40% more efficient to rival competitors. The CRI on this downlight is also extremely high at 90 with the option to choose the "Vivid" option which gives off just under 100 CRI. I highly recommend selecting the 2700k as this will create the highest ambience a downlight can possibly achieve. One last great selling point to the XDK10 by trend is the cut out which is 76-92mm this means it fits most existing cut out or they can easily be cut to suit. 

To view more on this light click the link below

MINILED 10W LED Downlight Vivid in Black, Silver or White Trend Lighting - XDK10

Trend LED Downlight


2. XDRL10 LED Low Glare Trim 10w Downlight Lighting by Trend Lighting.

This downlight is seriously impressive for the quality numbers it puts out compared to its incredibly affordable price. The lumen output is around 1400 at only 10w, making it one of the most efficient we have seen to date. The CRI colour rendering is at an outstanding 90, which further highlights its quality, as most are around the 75 mark. This ceiling downlight has an IP44, allowing you to use it all throughout your home including wet areas and outdoors. It is available in white, silver and black and comes with a 3 year warranty and a lifespan of 50,000. This is due to its large heatsink, created to handle the high output and lifespan. It has not failed to impress every customer we sell this to is glad they invested in such a good downlight.

To view more on this light click the link below

MINILED 10W LED Downlight in Black/Silver/White Trend Lighting - XDRL10

Trend LED Downlight

2.  Deep 90 20552  by Domus Lighting.

The Deep 90 is The Lighting Outlets best selling upper market downlight to date, due to its overall performance, value and design. It packs a serious punch with 1095 lumens at only 13w. The Deep 90 LED downlight is able to output this kind of brightness due to it’s substantial heatsink on the back. Because of this, we advise our customers to keep in mind the depth of this light when buying. As Domus Lighting specialise in LED downlights, you know you're purchasing a quality fitting that will last the distance and true lifespan.

To view more on this light click the link below

DEEP-90 Deepset LED Downlight White Frame in 3000K/5000K Domus 

Deep 90 LED Downlight



4. Nella HV5803W-BLK Surface Mounted LED Downlights by Havit Lighting.

This downlight not only offers great performance, but gives a great modern architectural look. It is guaranteed to be a feature that visitors are sure to comment on for its sleek appearance and design. This light source is recessed at the back of the fitting with a frosted face, allowing very little glare to produce from the light output. This light is very handy for concrete ceilings, as well as convenient for avoid cutting holes in your roof, which may be difficult to replace with the same size later on. These downlights also can be purchased with an extension so that you can double the height and give more of a statement. It comes in black and white, as well as 3 different sizes (8w, 12w & 18w) so you can have the perfect size throughout each room of your home. They are also dimmable, so you don't have to worry about overkill, for with a dimmer you can choose the perfect brightness and mood.

To view more on this light click the link below

Round Downlight Surface Mounted IP54 Havit Lighting

Nella LED Downlight Havit

5. MDL-611-WH KIT Recessed LED Downlight by Telbix.

This LED downlight not only has great looks and great value, but also has an incredibly high performance. With a CRI of 92, the space will be illuminated to show its true colours, as well as bringing out greater vibrancy. The frame has a nice deep design, created to eliminate any glare. Its structure and brightness also output an efficient pool light, creating a higher ambiance. As Telbix is a very high quality brand, they have given this unit a 5 year warranty. So that gives you peace of mind when purchasing, knowing the company's full trust and confidence is put into this product, building it to last the distance. 

To view more on this light click the link below

MDL 611 Fixed Downlight 3K/5K IP44 ø103mm Telbix MDL-611-BK KIT

Telbix LED Downlight

You can shop our range of LED downlights here

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