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How to Decorate With LED Strip Lighting


LED strip lighting is becoming an immensely popular modern decorating style that a lot of people are now enjoying. If you'd like your lights to look professional and really elevate the mood and tone of a room, read on. In this blog, we explore the popular trend and how you can successfully implement LED strip lights in your home.

In The Kitchen

kitchen island led strip

LED strip lighting around the kitchen is a great way to create an upscale effect with a twist. Add LED strips & profiles to the undersides of your overhead cabinetry to create a gentle spotlight on your kitchen countertops. Similarly, adding strips at the back of your shelving can light up the dim area in a highly professional manner. If you have a kitchen island, another opportunity to use them appears. Position the strips in the recess between the floor and the island, to create the effect that your island is floating on air. The look is futuristic, glamorous and can be hotel-esq depending on the LED colour you choose. If you want a hotel look, use warm white LEDs. If you want nighttime glamour, use colourful LEDs in pink or blue - whatever you prefer. The amount of silhouette you use can impact the atmosphere created. If you place colourful LED strips in the crevice between the countertop and the kitchen island, you create a night club effect because the range of light will be expanded from countertop to floor. This is perfect if the theme of your home is upscale glamour.

Outdoor Options

outdoor deck led lighting

Highlight the outdoors and give back to mother nature by using energy efficient LEDs to light up your outdoor space. For the deck area, you can highlight steps and create atmosphere by using strip lighting. Colours such as warm white, orange-red or light blues are popular for this. Similarly, you can highlight the railing surrounding your deck or back porch in the same colour to magnify the effect. Place the lights around the awnings of your backyard decking or balcony to create a theme. Running LEDs along the awnings or the backyard porch roof is actually a great, lasting alternative to fairy lights. You can dim or amplify the effect as much as you wish by using LED strip light dimmers.

Bed & Bathroom

bedroom led strip lights

The bedroom and any en suite or nearby bathroom should be a place to rest and relax after a stressful day. Enhance the feeling of sanctuary by using strip lights in warm or cool toned whites to create flattering silhouettes against feature walls, bed heads, under the bed and/or behind the bathroom mirror. For example, if you position a cool white strip around the edges of a raised bathroom mirror, a vanity mirror effect is created. If you place a warm toned white LED behind your bed-head, a reading light is formed. Lastly, use a blue toned LED under the bed and behind a wall-mounted TV to experience a ‘movie cinema’ moment whenever watching TV in bed with your partner. It’s a simple trick that can really elevate an everyday moment into a special experience.  

bathroom vanity led strip lights

Those are our tips and tricks for implementing ‘LED light strips’ successfully in your home. Did you do a good job? Will you try any of the above? If you do, please contact us and send in photos of the final effect. We’d be glad to republish them on our Facebook page. If you have any questions about the trend give us a call and our experienced staff will be happy to help.

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